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Future Ideas

While designing our augmented reality experience, we imagined of its different possible uses.

Weather Data

We imagine that it would be possible to visualize weather data with our program. There are many different ways that this could be useful in different industries.

Disaster Relief

In either a hurricane situation or any natural disaster situation, we believe that our program would be useful in visualizing the areas needing clean up.

Big Data Visualization

Visualizing large data sets is a difficult task. Our team believes that utilizing 3D cityscapes in an augmented reality experience would create an unique and useful visualization of all sorts of big data sets.

Tourist Day Planning

When tourists go to a new place, they often don't know what all their options are to do in the day. Our team believes that tourist centers could use an augmented reality version of a day planner to allow the user to be fully immersed in their possible activity.


Our team imagines that it would be extremely useful and valuable in an augmented reality environment.

Live Tracking

Live tracked data would be useful for federal agencies and safety officers. A user friendly interface in an augmented reality environment could save managers a good amount of time.