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Second Prototype

This video shows Amir Ahmadi using our second prototype. This was created in 4 weeks time and was soon to be presented in Washington D.C. at an ESRI conference. We changed the menu style and the method of selecting buildings and visualizing the data. We learned about the different issues we needed to change through feedback from our professor and peers. 

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User Testing

Our team tested the usability of our design by using a paper prototype that Chanel van Eeden created. Everyone gave feedback about the difficulties they were having using out design and how it could be improved. This information would later inform our design changes.

First Prototype

Amir Ahmadi programmed this initial prototype. One of the difficulties he faced was creating a shader that would create the effect we desired for moving the city. This was his solution that he created. We eventually did not move the city in this way, but it was a step we took to get to our final product.

Concept Art

Below are the different iterations of concept art created by Warren Lindsey and Chanel van Eeden. To start off, Chanel and Warren created two different concepts and then worked together to develop the final UI mockup and unity render. This process helped the team visualize the possible functionalities of the Hololens application.

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